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What is SEO Local? Local search engine optimization, otherwise known as local SEO, is a relatively new discipline of online marketing that is concerned with search engine positioning and placement of content on web sites associated with a specific geographical location. The practice is a relatively new entrant into the world of search engine marketing and implementation, having first been introduced about four years ago. Today, the main areas of focus are: local mobile search, business listings in Google Places, content development such as web 2.0 products, and social networking. Local search engine optimization has the potential to greatly impact companies from all over the world, by providing local businesses with a unique opportunity to expand into new markets through the implementation of relevant search engine-friendly marketing solutions. This will in turn benefit not only existing local businesses, but also those looking to branch out into the local area.

What is SEO Local? Local SEO is very similar to organic SEO in that it also is an automated process affecting the ranking of a specific site or a webpage in the unsolicited results of a popular search engine called Google. Unlike organic SEO, which is designed to improve a site’s rankings based solely on search volume, Local SEO is affected by many factors, including but not limited to: the keyword used to optimize a site, the number of links coming to a page, and the relevancy of the information being provided. These factors contribute to determining a sites or webpage’s position within Google’s organic search results.

The main advantage of Local SEO is its ability to target audiences that are likely to be receptive to advertisements for a given local business. For example, let’s say you run a landscaping company in your town. You could participate in local search engine marketing (also commonly referred to as Local SEO) in order to improve the amount of traffic directed to your web site. In doing so, you would want to target your campaigns specifically to those in your local community as well as in the surrounding areas where you currently conduct business.

How do Local SEO activities affect the results of organic search engine searches? Organic searches give web sites a higher ranking among search engines based on certain keywords. By participating in Local SEO, a business ensures that particular keywords associated with their company will appear when people perform searches using those words. Therefore, if a web surfer performs a search using one of your company’s keywords and enters your town, your web site may appear higher in the resulting search results due to your company’s involvement in Local SEO.

With this said, there are some businesses which conduct Internet marketing in the form of Local SEO and believe that the presence of such keywords on their websites provide their websites positive ranking in the Local search results. However, the reality is quite different. While certain keywords do help achieve positive results from a small percentage of Local SEO efforts, a majority of businesses find success by conducting both organic and inbound Local SEO efforts.

Organic SEO Local efforts comprise of the submission of articles, press releases, blogs, and directory submissions to various online directories. These submissions provide web sites with links to their websites. The links help in generating traffic to the sites and thus increase their chances of being ranked higher in the results pages. An important thing to note is that unlike the process of Search Engine Optimization, in Local SEO efforts, the emphasis lies on obtaining higher rankings for targeted key phrases and building customer loyalty through positive user experience. Moreover, it is essential to use Local SEO to improve the credibility of your business in your local community. Many customers are aware of local businesses and do not make assumptions based on the type of services offered.

For example, a service provider which provides car repairs in Boston would be considered a reliable business compared to a service provider who offers car washing services in an unknown city like Chelmsford. Customers from a specific area consider the credibility of such businesses based on the reputation of the service provider. This factor helps such businesses survive the initial challenges posed by Local SEO. As the business grows in size and scope, its reach and customer base expands. It becomes necessary to hire SEO services offered by professional firms which specialize in SEO Local. These firms not only help you gain visibility in major search engines like Google and Yahoo, but also take care of the other marketing activities required to sustain and grow your business.

In recent times, a lot of attention has been paid on SEO Local. Businesses have realized that customers in different parts of the world do not connect with the same business model. So, SEO Local helps them by offering a business solution that caters to a specific geographical location. You could achieve higher visibility for your business using Local SEO techniques.